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CK5110 vertical CNC lathe

The parameter name 单位 CK5110D
Max. turning diameter mm φ1000
The maximum height of workpiece mm 1150
Crossbeam lifting distance mm 850
Holder of moving distance mm 620
Vertical movement distance mm 750
The maximum rotating diameter of workpiece mm φ1100
The working surface diameter mm φ1000
Maximum workpiece weight kg 1200
Speed of working table series 6
The workpiece table speed range r/min 32-127
The amount of feed series 无级
Range of feeds mm/min 0-500
CNC system   Beijing Kaine di K1000Ti-A CNC system
X axis servo motor   The same system configuration
Z axis servo motor   The same system configuration
Minimum setting unit mm 0.001
The minimum movement unit mm 0.001
Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Electric tool   LCD-320 (4/6 HTC knifes)
The main motor power kw 15
Weight of machine kg 7500
Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 2320*2000*3200



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