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Plastic flaker

Main purposes

For plastic board, decorative board PVC celluloid sheet plate making industry. Such as plastic eyes PVC materials, decoration materials, table tennis materials,instruments and the technology of the exterior material processing.

Main technical parameters:

1 maximum planing length and width: 3000*1000mm

2 normal planing thickness: 0.3~12mm

3 slicing accuracy: + 0.01mm 4 Slice: stepless speed (as needed)

5 the main motor power: 18/22kw

Main structure:

1 using standard B2010A Longmen planer as models for plane design and manufacture.

The 2 beam move up and down by AC servo motor drives the turbine to drive left and right screw rod to rotate synchronously to pay, to realize beam synchronous feed and fast moving.

3 electrical control system: the servo unit of Germany SIEMENS802C-BL CNC system, machine tool control action cycle. Ensure that the system is stable in operation, reliable.

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