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MK1620 CNC face cylindrical grinder

The structure and characteristics of machine tool

MK1620 CNC face cylindrical grinder is used for the outer circle, end grinding of large quantity the axis class components processing equipment. Using SIEMENS802Dsl numerical control system, the grinding wheel feed respectively control thetwo CNC axis (X axis) and table feed (Z axis). In a clamping workpiece case,complete the automatic cycle of grinding and the end surface of the outer circle ofmultiple files. With automatic grinding wheel feeding, coarse, fine, no sparkgrinding; file automatically jump table; the rotating speed of the workpieceautomatically switch; automatic dressing and automatic compensation pre diamond pen wheel dresser for grinding wheel; automatic measurement function of workpiece and the cyclic action safety interlock etc..


The main technical parametersThe main technical parameters

Center distance
Center distance 500
The main shaft center height 150
Cylindrical grinding wheel dimensions Φ500×50×Φ203
2.2 grinding parameters
The linear speed of grinding wheel diameter 45m/s
Cylindrical grinding wheel speed stepless 1718~2455r/min
2 grinding wheel parameters
Electronic handwheel scale the least amount of feed 0.001mm
The maximum amount of movement of the grinding wheel rack feed 250mm
3 head parameters
The rotation angle of the headstock 0~90°
Taper workhead spindle Morse 3 or 4
Workpiece headstock speed stepless 30~300r/min
Headstock chuck diameter 125mm
The 4 tail frame parameters
The maximum amount of movement of the top sleeve 25mm
Top sleeve Morse taper 3 or 4
Table 5 parameters
Rotary work table angle -3°~+5°
The maximum amount of movement 720
6 lubrication system and cooling
The work point of lubricating system The 16 point
Cooling pump flow 80L/min
7 machine tool motor power
Cylindrical grinding wheel motor 5 kw
Headstock motor 0.75kw
Cooling pump motor 0.75kw
The grinding wheel spindle lubrication oil pump 0.75kw
8 machine tool using power AC380v 50Hz
9 machine dimensions (length and width and height) 2900×1800×1800
Net weight (about) 10 4500 kg


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