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Plastic flaker

Ring type flaker is host to one of the [1] particle production preparation section, towood, bamboo, crushed veneer as raw material, the planer into a certain thickness of the wood particles as raw material, manufacturing particleboard. The machine is composed of a base, a knife roller, impeller, magnetic separation, separation,heavy separation, vibration feeder, hydraulic system, brake system parts andauxiliary equipment, with adjustable knife grinding head device etc.. Ring typeslicing machine is mainly used for ordinary particleboard production line material preparing process of the preparation of qualified shavings. The machine comprises a vibration feeder, magnetic separation system, gravity separator, impeller, blade ring, a casing, a spindle system and control system. When the machine wood chips by removal of ferrous and non-ferrous impurities into the cavity after cutting with cutting speed of 60m/s is made wood shavings, shavings thickness by flying outquantity control. Flying out to reduce weight, machines can be used for particle preparation homogeneous particleboard.


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