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NC retrofit of traditional industry transformation and upgra

Numerical control with low degree of hidden security risks

Usually large number of grinder, security problems. At present, the vast majority ofgrinding machine used in China is usually grinder. Machinery, automobile,motorcycle, railway machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery,petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, textile, building, ships study aviation industry, electronic equipment manufacturing industry, military and other occupationand category of car, milling, planing to maintain usually, grinding, boring, stampingall kinds of grinding bed about about 4000000 taiwan. Usually grinder movement,working parts are usually exposed, easy to form the kneading, shear, bump et alinjury trouble attack, security issues become one limit to prevent its development.

Occupation economy add agile, add a layout unreasonable. Our country economyadd grinder occupation agile, 2011, our country produces gold cutting machine 860000 sets, 238500 sets of forming grinder, end the total industrial output value of 660650000000 yuan. In recent years, our country produces grinder CNC ratepromotes somewhat, but compared with the America, Japan and other countries,numerical control rate at a low level, during metal cutting grinder CNC rate at around 30%, forming grinder CNC rate deficiency 7%. In 2011, China's productionof metal cutting machine 860000 sets, 257000 sets of CNC metal cutting grinder,CNC grinder output value accounted for only 29.9% of the output value of metal cutting grinder; production forming grinding machine 238500 sets, 15000 sets ofCNC forming grinder, CNC grinder output value accounted for only 6.29% of outputforming grinder.

Will transform the femoral 350000000000 yuan demand shopping malls

Numerical control transformation project can be composed of thousands of billion yuan of industrial added value. I usually owned all kinds of plane grinding machine about 4000000 sets, which are 1/4 grinder is beyond 30 years of age, the grinder(about 1000000) has no transformation value, need to update the remainingscreening; 3/4 (about 3000000) can be numerical control transformation. Based on the past experience often grinder NC transformation, usually small grindertransformation costs in 30000 yuan to 100000 yuan between, the uniform transformation costs about 60000 yuan / Taiwan (Note: the numerical control system of sophisticated skills and production quantity promotion, cost is in drop,add security requirements, modified cost should not add). As of about 4000000 Taiwan usually grinder implementation of transformation and renewal, can constitute about 200000000000 yuan reform demand of about 150000000000 yuan(update update demand costs about 150000 yuan / Taiwan), to adhere to theeconomy can develop certain effect to add.

Numerical control transformation of cost cuts, decreases resource waste. Usuallygrinder NC transformation and comparison with new grinder, usually can save 60%~ 80% of the cost, especially for large, special grinding machine especially significant. Usually large grinding machine reconstruction, only new grinder withcost of 1/3, such as on all about 4000000 stations normally grinder update (updatecost is about 150000 yuan / Taiwan), about the cost of 600000000000 yuan,compared with the NC transformation adds about 250000000000 yuan. In the costtogether, NC transformation can also save and form for all updates about 5000000tons of steel consumption and the corresponding energy consumption and pollution emissions.

Numerical control transformation progress grinder processing power, decrease the production cost. On the basis of previous reforming experience, usually grinder NC transformation, grinding power mostly can improve 30% ~ 50%, some even 1 times more progress.

Together, grinding machine after modification processing accuracy is greatlyprogress, composed of human error reject rate decreased significantly, together,decrease the labor intensity of workers, saving labor force (a person can watch many grinder), cut the tooling, shorten the production cycle and the cycle of new product trial, to bring the huge economic benefits to the company.

Numerical control transformation progress grinding machine safety level, cut troubleloss. Usually the end plane grinder NC transformation, can greatly progress grinderprocessing power and automation, the intellectualized degree. Originally a grinding machine needs a person to control, after the transformation of a worker cantogether control 2 to 3 machines, cut operating personnel and equipment; after the installation of protective barrier door and safety interlock equipment safety protection equipment, the grinder movement, working parts and the operatingpersonnel complete safety useful barrier, decrease the possibility of an operatortouch risk parts; operating system and operation interface more and more deed


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