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In China over the past ten years, there are a large number of cheap labor, so that the rapid development of manufacturing industry China. But after entering in 2010, with the development of society and economy, the change of idea idea, labor cost rises gradually, this kind of phenomenon and the European and American industrialization process run in the same groove. At present, as many manufacturing enterprise recruitment difficult, the difficult employment problem has become increasingly prominent.

With the global industrial integration, the German government proposed a high-tech industrial strategic plan 4. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of education and research and the Federal Ministry of economics and Technology Co sponsored, aimed to enhance the intelligent level of manufacturing industry, the establishment of adaptable, resource efficiency and ergonomics wisdom factory, the integration of customers and business partners in the business flow and value flow in. From 2 to 3 industrial important sign of the industrial era, widely popular stand-alone intelligent equipment. Industry 4 working group to 1969 the first programmable logic controller Modicon084 to use as a starting point of the 3 industrial, its core is to promote all kinds of CNC machine tools, industrial robots, automation equipment in the production process, we can understand it as a stand-alone device intelligent level constantly improved and widely popularization.

Correspondingly, our country for industrial automation also introduced a number of supportive policies; Ministry of industry on the "guidance" on promoting the development of robot industry industry, put forward the development goal of the robot industry is: by 2020, the formation of the industrial system of industrial robot is more perfect, 3-5 at home to cultivate internationally competitive leading enterprises and 8-10 matching industry cluster. China's machine tool industry scale indicates that manufacturing automation equipment for processing huge demand space; in this environment, Wuxi Hongchang source machine may is committed to providing customers equipment NC transformation, production automation customization service.

About Hongchangyuan:

Wuxi Hongchangyuan machine Co., Ltd. Lake, Jiangsu province Wuxi City foreshore transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, adjacent to S19 Wuxi Nanquan outlet, Wuxi metro line south end, drove Shuofang airport 20 minutes.

The company is a professional engaged in CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC grinder transformation, vertical lathe numerical control transformation and plastic flaking machine development, design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, tractor, motor, sewing machine, gear, engine, mold manufacturing, roll grinding, aviation parts processing, wind power, solar photovoltaic industry.

The company spirit of "sincerity oriented, quality and price, and thoughtful service, the user first" business philosophy, and rely on the strong technical force, advanced assembly technology, 6S management mode, perfect after sale service system, with reasonable price, good reputation, to meet the needs of our customers, and by the customer the consistent high praise!

Wuxi Hongchangyuan machine is willing to friends from all walks of life to the "high-quality products, reasonable price, satisfactory service, sincere attitude" enthusiasm waiting for new and old customers, patronage!



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